Look Through-Company

"We want to help you build your property portfolio and minimise your taxes. Essentially we want to help you put more dollars in your pocket while ensuring you stay within the rules."

look-through-company.jpgAt D & D, it’s our passion and expertise to assist residential and commercial property investors to minimise tax and increase their net worth. We are able to offer some straight forward solutions in order to minimise the ongoing tax effect of not being able to attribute/offset company losses to shareholders personally, and also possibly avoid the potential of depreciation recovery income when electing into the LTC regime outside this transitional period.

Whatever you do, seek professional help with an accounting firm that understands Look Through Company (LTC), because it can be costly if you get it wrong.  At D & D we want to make sure you get it right, first time.

What is an LTC (Look Through - Company)?
Key Elements of the LTC Regime
Requirements of an LTC