The team at Compass Property Investments have been educating people on the risks and benefits of property investment for the past 10 years, during time we have recommended that the prospective purchasers take expert advice from an accountant who specialises in property. Martin was introduced to us about 4 years ago as an accountant who fitted into this category and has proven to be a person who takes extremely good care of his clients. Martin is very generous with his time as we have found out when presenting seminars when he is more than willing to talk about his field of expertise, TAX.

Mike (Director, Compass Property Investments)



I run my own business as do many people in New Zealand. In recent years accounting seems to be changing and in our modern times keeping up with the changes can be confusing. Martin Dreyer at D & D has always overseen the changes and implements the changes when needed. My company involves interacting and liaising with many property investors and companies that own their commercial building. I use D & D and am glad to recommend the company to anyone that may need a new accountant or is not satisfied with their current accountant. Also he works long hours and is available out of the normal 9 – 5 time that other firms restrict you to. His mobile service is great for busy people and he is located in the middle of the C.B.D.

George (Super City Promotional)



I have been working in the Property Investment industry of over eight years assisting people develop complete property investment portfolios. One of the main factors in the investment system is ensuring you have the right accountant, and I can confidently say that Martin from D&D is the right accountant. For the last five years I have been recommending Martin Dreyer from D&D to hundreds of clients with every one being completely satisfied with the service and level of expertise Martin provides. I am more than happy to offer my full recommendation to anyone considering engaging the service of D&D.

Robert (Paige 1 Property Holding Ltd)